April – Another Month Gone By

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We went to see the actual site of the Little House on the Prairie cabin. We loved it so much we bought it and we are done traveling forever…OK, that’s totally not true; the done traveling part… and the moving into a replica of a pioneer cabin.

We did see the site though. It’s located in Independence, KS. They have a replica of the cabin as described in the book and a few more historical buildings. It makes a nice day trip and if you are a fan of the show it holds a certain cool factor, as well.

IMG_20160418_153551665 little house

We visited Yoder once again to get our milk, eggs, and pickles. I really do love their pickles. I’m going to miss them.

We also visited Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve again, this time in the spring. It was just as gorgeous! We hiked next to a flowing creek. The grass was as green as the Amish pickles!


Tallgrass Prairie is pretty!
Tallgrass Prairie is pretty!
Me sporting the hairdo of my people.
Me sporting the hairdo of my people.


Brewy cooling off.
Brewy cooling off.

tallgrass1 IMG_20160407_135330422

USI RV Park plants lots of flowers in the spring, so I planted flowers… lots of them…that’s all I have to say about that.


Our replacement work campers arrived in the middle of the month and they were really nice! We don’t get to see many young RVers like ourselves so we asked if we could interview them for the website. They agreed and here is the video below, in case you missed it.

The work campers we worked with over the winter, Linda and Roy, decided to throw us a goodbye party by smoking sausage and brats in their large smoker. Roy made a batch of baked beans that tasted amazing! Several people from the park and the new work campers, Heather and Ray, showed up as well. We had drinks and talked; a good time was had by all! That was a very nice thing for them to do. I’m going to miss them… like I’m going to miss those Amish pickles.


As we began preparations for our next job in Michigan, we were treated to a tornado watch and a hail storm with quarter-sized hail. We were worried that something was going to break before heading out due to the hail. Fortunately, there was no damage.


That about sums up the month of April for us. I kept this one short because May will probably be quite long. I hope you enjoyed catching up with us. I have to go and see if there are a few more pickles in the fridge…I’m gonna miss those Amish pickles.



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