December Travel Journal: Family, Food, Adiós Amazon, ¡Hola! Kansas!

The moonshine mash in the washing machine is fermenting nicely. So far the owner of the park has no idea. I had to stop working in order to guard the machine and make sure no one tried to use it. I have to protect my investment, right?

I will run out of those wacky intros eventually, If you have a crazy story that happened to you on the road that you think no one will believe, we want to hear about it. Email or comment on this post below.

December was a full month for us. It even had 31 days. As it got closer to Christmas we felt more and more like Santa’s elves, working away to ensure all the good boys and girls got their goodies on time. The nights seemed to get longer as we worked 55 hour weeks. It wasn’t all bad though. Christmas came early…namely because Natalie and I are horrible at keeping presents from each other. Not that we don’t try, we just get so excited to give one another the presents that we always just give it early. Also, I mean we literally had Christmas early since my sister and her partner came to visit from Washington state.

The visit was great, though it was short. Between work and sleep I think we got o see them for a

Levi's Family
Levi’s Family

solid day or two. Since the visit was short and it was before Christmas, we had a little celebration and exchanged gifts. I have to say that it was really nice to see my sister. She has had a difficult past, among other things, which caused her to loose her way for awhile. Over a few short years, she has overcome many of those obstacles and has fought her way through to a point where she appears genuinely happy. It did my heart well to see that she had come through it, and just since the last time I saw her, it was refreshing to see the woman she had become.

We got a new oven for Christmas!
We got a new oven for Christmas!

I’ll get back on topic though. I’m sure you’re not reading what I write for its “Hallmark-like” qualities. We worked at Amazon until December 23rd. You can read our Workamping Review of Amazon Camperforce here.The experience was great. The work was hard. The money was good. And we saw Star Wars; Star Wars was great!

Star WarsIt was pretty awesome that my parents were able to stay at the same RV park and we got to hang out with them, even though we were sleeping most of the time. We hope to meet up on the trail again. But at this point we were headed our separate ways. We were headed to see Natalie’s family for several days in Mission, TX. My parents were headed west to Fresno, CA, to visit my grandparents. Last year we took Starbuck to Mission. You can read about that here. My parents agreed to watch the cats and RV while we were in Texas, allowing us to just take the car and Brewy.

Natalie's mom doing her awesome cooking thing!
Natalie’s mom doing her awesome cooking thing!

The trip to Mission was great, as well. Natalie’s mom made Christmas dinner number 2. It was tasty. It is the same turkey and stuffing recipe I use…because I use Natalie’s moms recipe. We saw Natalie’s brothers and sisters as well…and Star Wars…we saw Star Wars again. It was still great! There is a chance that we will get to see Natalie’s mom this summer in Michigan. Her sister is taking her to Ohio and they plan to drive up.

Brewy loves the backyard in Mission, TX
Brewy loves the backyard in Mission, TX.
Christmas tree at the Flores house.
Christmas tree at the Flores house.
Our sleeping spot on the way to Wichita.
Our sleeping spot on the way to Wichita.

Our visit was cut short by weather, unfortunately. My parents called and said they had to get a head start because a blizzard was coming in the direction they were going. We were headed to Kansas, and it was going to rain ice. So the visit was cut short and we drove back to the RV on Christmas day. After packing everything up, we slept for a few hours and hit the road. The weather was cloudy when we left, but no rain. After about 3 hours we were both tired from our 3 hours of sleep. We pulled over and took a nap. When we awoke, it was pouring, and the last three hours to Wichita were in the rain.

We arrived at USI RV Park in the evening. We were shown our site and given our start day as the 29th. The park owners and our fellow workampers are nice. We quickly made friends with the couple we replaced and are following their adventures via Facebook as well as their blog The last week of December was training, and after the 1st we will be official hosts at USI RV Park in Wichita, Kansas.  Our gig is about four months long. The park is very nice, the bathrooms are spotless and the internet is great! Our first trial will not be the job however, but learning how to live in the cold. So far we made sure our hose was wrapped, the spigot was covered, and we hooked up a 100 lb propane tank using our extend a-stay kit which is an awesome thing that allows us to safely hook up an external propane tank to the rig, it is easy to install and you can pick one up through our special Amazon link here. Bring it on Mother Nature, bring it on!

Our new home for the winter.
Our new home for the winter.

The lesson of the month: Star Wars was good…You should see it if you haven’t already.

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