Free RV Dump Station at Holiday Stationstores in Proctor, Minnesota

We hadn’t really utilized our Allstays application as much as our trip from Mackinaw City, Michigan to East Grand Forks, Minnesota.  Allstays is an online program that provides a plethora of information for RVers on the road including campground locations, free over night stays at truck stops and big-box stores, RV dump stations, bridge heights, road grades, and places to get propane, just to name a few. (Levi details these many features provided by Allstays in his video, here.)


As you enter the parking lot of Holiday Stationstore in Proctor, MN from Interstate 35, you’ll spot the RV dump station to the east of the store.  It sits on the median between Holiday and McDonald’s.

With, we were able to locate a free dump station just outside of Duluth, Minnesota in the city of Proctor.  Holiday Stationstores, we discovered on that mid-September 2016 road trip, are a dime a dozen in the upper Midwest of the US.  Like many quick stops, these convenient stores allow customers to fuel up, grab a coffee, and in some cases, like ours, empty out RV tanks.

This Holiday Stationstore, located at 9314 W Skyline Pkwy, Proctor, MN 55810, was particularly a well-deserved stop because not only was their RV dump station immaculate, it was FREE!!   The dump station is located to the east of the store and clearly marked.  There was a trash can and water source available, as well.

We checked inside the store, with the manager, beforehand just to confirm.  He affirmed that it was indeed free and then went on to explain that if they charged, they would have to keep access to the dump locked.  Each time a patron wanted to use it, an employee would have to take a trip outside and unlock the unit after charging.  The manager said that was too time consuming and opted to leave it as a free serve.

We were ecstatic with our find (doesn’t take much for us to get excited) and out of appreciation purchased two coffees.  We always make some type of purchase at a business when service and/or space is provided free of charge.  It’s out of courtesy to the company, we feel.  For example, if we stay overnight at a Wal-Mart, we’ll knock out some grocery shopping, or if we sleep in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, we’ll be sure to dine in for breakfast or dinner.


The dump station was clearly marked and clean.  A trash can and water source were two bonuses.  It appeared to be well lit if coming at night with illumination from the parking lot lights at Holiday and McDonald’s.

With a little luck and help from Allstays,  we hope to come across many more free dump stations as clean and convenient as this one!  Thank you Holiday Stationstore in Proctor, MN!

If you found this review helpful and would like to read more reviews on free or affordable campgrounds and other RV-related services, in the United States, visit our Travel Guide page. Safe travels and happy trails to you!

Our main source when planning journeys between work camping gigs is AllStays.  For more information on this application, view our video here.

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