Getting Lost at Heartland Country Corn Maze in Harrisburg, South Dakota

One of the countless perks of full time RVing is opportunity for new experiences, big or small! During our stay in Sioux Falls this past October (2017), we did a general Google search on things to do in the town and Heartland Country Corn Maze popped up.  Neither Levi or I had ventured into a corn maze and since it was autumn, this presented a perfect opportunity!

Heartland Country Corn Maze provides a fun-filled, interactive experience for all ages!  Visitors to the attraction navigate their way through a specially designed corn maze using a map to hunt for designated checkpoints.   This year, the maze featured a carved out picture of a tiger.

With the map in hand, we followed the zigzags to 10 separate stations, each answering a riddle or query from our accompanying checkpoint questionnaire sheet, all of which pertained to tigers.  One special checkpoint is not noted on the map, an eleventh station.  If you happen to come across that hidden checkpoint, you win a prize from the concession stand!

We spent about 2 hours in the maze and found all checkpoints including the hidden post!  We waved off the sodas and candy (since we bought some before entering) and walked home with aerial photos of the maze as our prizes.

Technically, Heartland Country Corn Maze is located outside the city limits of Sioux Falls. It’s actually about 13 miles southwest of downtown Sioux Falls via South Dakota Highway 11 in Harrisburg.

Heartland Country Corn Maze sits on an impressive 11 acres of land and is open to the public from August thru October, Friday thru Saturday, but opens its doors other days of the week for special occasions like group events or holidays.

Admission maxes out at $8 and ranges based on age.  Snacks and drinks can be purchased at the ticket/concession stand where customers enter and exit.

Best of all, dogs are welcome and you can bet we brought Brewy!  A few words of advice: stay hydrated during your excursion (porta potties are available) and wear clothing appropriate for the weather.  Of course, if you are bringing your dog, come prepared with water and poop bags!


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