Google Maps/Allstays Series: Episode 1: How to use Google Maps

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From my experience on the road, computers and web services like Google Maps are either used and embraced like RVing tools of the future or shunned and shied away from because they are unfamiliar and difficult to understand. I won’t pretend this isn’t due to a generational gap. My generation has been swimming in computer technology from the get go, while my parents and grandparents have had to adapt to it.

Fortunately, successful companies are making programs and computers more user-friendly every day. I believe that every RVer on the road should have the opportunity to use these tools that make travel so much simpler than it was in the past. This technology can also enrich our travels so that we discover more than we thought we could when exploring new locations.

In the video below, I walk through the basics of using Google Maps to plan a route and demonstrate some useful tools such as the measurement tool to get rough distances. I also explain how to find pit stops, like a restaurant in an unfamiliar location, to your specifications.

Google Maps has been an amazing tool when coupled with to plan our trips. Using the two, I have planned trips of over 1,000 miles with stops, dump stations, RV parks, etc. in a matter of an hour; then I sent the route to my phone. If you already know how to use Google Maps and want to know more about, I did a video on it as well, HERE.

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