Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

6/9/15 – 9/12/15

This morning we packed up and left Goldfield. We are heading north towards Fernley, but we here-we-comeare not driving straight there. We are headed to the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. I know, that is not very descriptive because every national forest in Nevada is part of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. So to be more specific we headed up to Kingston, NV.

Kingston has a bar and general store that is open sometimes. It also has a bed and breakfast. We drove through the village into the forest and in ten minutes kind of wished we hadn’t. The road to get to the forest was a one lane dirt road flanked on both sides by trees. Turning around was not an option. In retrospect, we should have driven the car back to see if the road was doable. But, this time we had already made the decision and we were going to keep going.

perfect-spotAfter what seemed like forever, we arrived at a campground that looked like it was rarely managed. There was a pay box, but no price or slips or anything of that sort. Not wanting to tangle with a ranger, we pressed ahead. We are glad we did. Just half a mile up the road was a large flat dispersed camping site. There was a fire pit and it was right by a creek. It was perfect.

The rule is you are supposed to stay 100 feet away from the water. We did our best to follow it while we found a level spot for Starbuck. Once we were all settled in we took in our surroundings. Our weather app had warned us of flash floods on the way there, but the warning was for most of that area and we would never be able to drive out of it. So we decided not to worry afilling-up-solar-showernd hope for the best.

The weather was rather nice the first day we were there. I even filled up the solar shower in the  interest of saving gray tank space. The solar shower had developed a crack in the cap so I used my redneck ingenuity to fix it with pipe cement and Teflon tape. Unfortunately the clouds did roll in and the solar shower stayed cold throughout our stay. fixing-solar-showerAll things considered, the next few days were great. We paddled around in nearby Groves Lake, hiked a little bit and just sat around. Our scarryonly hang-up was the possible flash floods the weather kept warning us about. The scary part was our info wasn’t exactly up to date since there was no internet or cell service where we were. We kept updated by taking our car down the 3 mile dirt road into the town where there was service. We also let our family know our location in case they didn’t hear from us in several days. The flash floods never came and I think the photos do this spot more justice than my words do so… enjoy.

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