The Marilyn L. Duckro Foundation

We don’t normally post things like this on our page as it has nothing to do with RVing. However, with great sorrow, we said goodbye to a dear friend. Marilyn Duckro was a beautiful soul. She was always filled with enough wisdom to make you think and enough blunt words said in such a way to bring a smile on your face. It is not every day that one gets the pleasure of finding people you don’t consider friends but family. Bill Duckro and Marilyn Duckro are those people. She will be missed terribly by many. Losing someone to cancer is always cruel. My grandfather passed away a year ago from cancer as well. It is one of the leading causes of death in our nation which makes developing new treatments and different ways to fight it so vital. Marilyn Duckro’s family has set up The Marilyn L. Duckro Foundation via GoFundMe. Proceeds will go towards cancer awareness and research. If you feel that you should donate to cancer research and have not done so, you can help this campaign reach its goal. Here is the link:

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The Henleys

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