May Journal – Part 3 – Our Next Home

This is our last journal entry documenting our trip in May to Mackinaw City, MI. If you have followed us this far, I assure you, we are in the home stretch. We left off with karaoke in St.Louis in the last journal entry. The next morning, Keren saw us off, just about the same time we discovered that the automatic outside steps were not working…once again. The new motor was set up slightly different then the old one. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem; I thought wrong.

Our next stop was Columbus, Ohio to see Natalie’s extended family. Her cousin graciously offered us her driveway for a couple of days while we visited. On the way, I was able to find parts that allowed me to position the motor so the stairs worked (and they continue to work well)! Our trip to Columbus was filled with food and hugs! We made it there for a birthday party and a Mother’s Day party. We also checked out a section of Columbus called the German Village.  We ate at a sausage restaurant called Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant that makes the most amazing cream puffs!

We left Ohio with our spirits high and our stomachs full. We headed into Michigan and stayed at an RV Park in Bay City, MI. They had a nature trail that was awesome. It was nice to settle down for a couple of days and relax.

Just a few uneventful days later, we arrived at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping. We checked in and noticed that while Wichita, Kansas was well into spring, northern Michigan was just starting. It even snowed a little when we first got to the park. Our site was great!!! Lake Huron is in view just a few short steps from the rig. We were ready to start our new job but not before taking the first few days of our arrival to explore our surroundings!

As suggested by the campground’s office manager, we swung by the tourist center and loaded up on brochures. We immediately (at Natalie’s request) drove across the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula and did a bit of site seeing in St. Ignace.  (Just a side note, make sure you take out a loan to cross the bridge; it was $4 each way in our little Yaris.) Afterwards, we drove around Mackinaw City (which really isn’t a city, but a village) and glimpsed  the many T-shirt and fudge shops there.  Guinness World Record has not seen or heard of this place yet! It’s almost as if every business has a fudge shop in the back. Go into a pool repair shop here and they also happen to sell fudge in the back.

We started work Monday and quickly found out that a lot of sweat and muscle power goes into the creation of this campground that sits on about 200 acres.  Natalie and I were both working outside the first full week, landscaping crew.  Between the shoveling, clearing brush, and smoothing out grounds, we used up a whole tube of Icy Hot! We are definitely getting in shape with this job!  Natalie started training for her office position the following week and I continued my various landscaping duties. The view is beautiful, but I say they find a new way to make me hurt daily, and so far they have not disappointed.

We were able to participate in Mackinaw City’s Memorial Day Parade with the campground, too!  I was given the duty to drive an old Ford that was reconstructed to resemble an army jeep.  Natalie and I donned camo shirts and hats to boot!  We spent the better part of the morning waving to parade spectators and smiling till our faces hurt.

Parade over and back in our own car, it was time to sample some Michigan staples for the remainder of the day.  We tried rhubarb pie for the first time and pasties (essentially large hot pockets).  The rhubarb pie was rather tart, but with strawberries added, seemed to balance out the sudden taste bud sensation. The pasties were bland; I hate to say it.  As I ate it, I began thinking of various spices and ingredients I could add to beef up the taste.  We continue our search for new and interesting tastes!

Enjoy our little home video featuring our trip into Michigan and ultimately ending up at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping!

Lessons learned: Family has the best food and hugs!  RV parts will break down when you least expect it!  I need to buy more Icy Hot!  Natalie makes a funny face when she eats rhubarb pie!

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