Natalie Learns How Series: How to Check and Fill Your RV Tires

Too often I rely on my husband to troubleshoot problems with the RV. This seems to be the norm among traveling partners we meet. Although it is quite fortunate to have someone on board that knows the RV functions, it is even more important for the other to be in the know, especially in emergency situations where one man is down.

In our series, Natalie Learns How, we hope to empower travelers who rely heavily on their partners to operate the RV and problem solve issues.

In this episode, I learned how to check and fill our RV tires. There are a number of reasons why you should keep your  tires properly inflated.  Not only does proper filling prolong the life of the tires, but it plays a major part in fuel efficiency and overall comfort behind the wheel.

Three simple steps help us ensure properly inflated tires.

1. Verify your manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.

2. Use your handy dandy tire pressure gauge to check each tire.

3. If needed, inflate the tire(s).

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Where ever your travels may take you, stay safe and always have a Plan B tucked away.

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