Natalie Learns How Series: Troubleshooting Tripped Breakers

Too often I rely on my husband to troubleshoot problems with the RV. This seems to be the norm among traveling partners we meet. Although it is quite fortunate to have someone on board that knows the RV functions, it is even more important for the other to be in the know, especially in emergency situations where one man is down.

In our new series, Natalie Learns How, we hope to empower travelers who rely heavily on their partners to operate the RV and problem solve issues.

In this episode, I learned how to troubleshoot a tripped breaker. A tripped breaker results when too many appliances are being powered simultaneously. The combination of electrical devices in use may pull more amps (the amount of charge flowing through the circuit over a period of time) than what the system is designed to handle.

The following four steps have helped me to trace and locate a tripped breaker.

1. Turn off all devices in use. For safety reasons, make sure all electrical devices are turned off before messing with any breakers.

2. Check breakers in main breaker box. Know where all of your breaker are located. Go to the main breaker box in the rig and check to see if any breakers have tripped.  Turn back on tripped breaker switch.

3. Check inverter breaker. If all switches to the main breaker box are still on, the device(s) may have been apart of a circuit connected to the power inverter (note:some rigs do not come equipped with an inverter). Press breaker button (fuse) to return power.

4. Check GFCI outlet. These plugs are designed specifically for detecting tripped breakers. Simply press the test button, followed by the restart button to reconnect.

Of course,  if you continue to experience tripped breakers with little or no electrical devices in use, outside help may be needed.  If a breaker continually trips or won’t turn on, call the repair guy.

For more RVing tips and tricks, click here.  Where ever your travels may take you, stay safe and always have a Plan B tucked away.

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