November Journal – Family, Food, and the Fulfillment Center

We found out that the town we are staying in is a dry town, meaning they don’t sell alcohol. I thought this would be a perfect time to start my moonshine business. I put together 20 gallons of sugar water and lots of baker’s yeast. I hope the RV park owner doesn’t mind. More importantly, I hope no one opens washer #3. OK, not really. It could work though.

My last entries were quite long, so I’ll make this one short.

My parents came to the park at the beginning of November. My father started working the day shift at Amazon. They were a welcome sight. We, unfortunately, haven’t seen them much since we work night shift. The night shift at Amazon Fulfillment Center is 6:30PM to 5 or 6 AM, so we sleep through the day. We had Thanksgiving off and managed to cook a fabulous meal between the two RV kitchens. My parents also took Brewy out to potty while we were at work and we walked their dog Boozer while they were away. My father also helped fix and tinkered with a few things on our RV because he is handy like that.

Laya, the cat, finally healed up, and quite well. She is on a diet to lose weight now. Our dog went to the vet to have a cyst removed and she healed up quite nicely. The other two cats are healthy…for now.

The most difficult part about the long hours has been that we don’t get out much, except to eat every now and again. Boyd, Texas has a place called Go Go Gumbo and it has really good gumbo and amazing desserts. Since it is a dry town, you have to bring your own alcohol.  A cafe near here called The Beacon, which is located on the runway of a private airport, is not only delicious, but kind of cool to be in. Flight and The Blue Bayou are located around Eagle Mountain Lake, and we discovered them both on our trips to the vet. The Blue Bayou has a goat mascot that hangs out on the porch which is quite cute. You can get directions and check out these eateries by going to our Must See Places map here.

We have some photos to show you, and that was pretty much our November.

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The lesson of the month: If you want to feel like a vampire, work 11 hour night shifts for a month.

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