Recommended Animal Hospitals around the U.S.A.- Cheyenne Tonopah Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Where can I get more information about this veterinary hospital?

Cheyenne Tonopah Animal Hospital
3348 N Rancho Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89130

What makes this veterinary hospital so special to us?

Levi and I were residents of Las Vegas, Nevada for a little over a decade before deciding to hit the road and full time RV. In that time, we had a total of five cats and one dog (not all at once). We lived in different areas of the largely toured metropolis and sought treatment for our fur babies at hospitals located nearby. Las Vegas has a number of excellent animal hospitals. They are a dime a dozen in Vegas and it can be a task to sort out the best ones.

Our final five years, and coincidentally the longest stretch of time, were spent with Cheyenne Tonopah Animal Hospital in the northwest portion of Vegas. We learned about this facility from a former pet sitting client. (We ran a small pet sitting business in Las Vegas for a little over two years. If you are interested in starting up your own pet sitting business, read about that here.) He had been taking his three labs to this particular hospital for many years and trusted the care and services provided by the veterinarians and staff. We had just moved to that side of town and were looking to find something closer so we checked it out and were glad we did. (Thanks for the recommendation Todd, by the way!!)

Doctor Wilson and Doctor Vanderlinden were the two veterinarians present during the years we were active clients. As of late (2016), they continue to practice at the hospital and have been for decades! They worked separate days so we had the opportunity to consult with each of them during our many visits. Their unique personalities and knowledge were invaluable and we never requested one or the other for our appointments, unless there was a particular ongoing case with one of the pets.

jackieOne peculiar case, for example, involved our cat, Jackie.  One day he started pulling his fur (roots and all) from his backside so much so that he had a little bald spot. At the time of the appointment, Dr. Wilson was working. He initially prescribed a topical anti-itch ointment. That didn’t seem to make much of a difference, so we tried a steroid in hopes of curing a possible allergy or skin irritation.  This also did not cease the disturbing hair removal.  Dr. Wilson would not give up hope and he referred back to a case he had during his medical training period. He recalled a parrot client with a similar behavior; the class unofficially labeled the disorder “neurotic feather picker.”  Dr. Wilson prescribed a low dose of Valium for Jackie.  This did the trick and Jackie calmed down to the point where we were able to wean him off of the drug and he stopped the behavior altogether.   Dr Wilson dubbed Jackie’s ailment “neurotic fur picker” syndrome. (In retrospect, the anxiety could have been a reaction to our, at the time, newly adopted cat and dog.)

Besides special cases, we took our pets to Cheyenne Tonopah for their annual check-ups and shots. They were always good about sending reminders via mail (snail mail and email) a few weeks before due dates. During the month of February, we took advantage of the discounts offered for teeth cleaning. We learned about the drawbacks of free feeding our cats when one started gaining a significant amount of weight and ways to help our dog cope with separation anxiety.

theoWe experienced the heartache of putting down a pet after a year of doctor visits, blood work, medication, and modifications to food due to rapid weight loss. Everything was ruled out but cancer. The entire staff was very supportive after our loss, sending a personal letter of condolence and helping us with cremation arrangements. It was a heart wrenching experience but we are grateful for all the efforts made by the veterinarians to make our cat, Theo, as comfortable as possible during his last year.

Before we officially drove out of Las Vegas, we set up appointments for our three cats and dog. Annual shots were administered and we updated prescriptions for heart worm medications. It was through this animal hospital that we learned about online prescription purchases through Transactions through this online discount source have made obtaining needed medication on the road immensely convenient. In addition, Cheyenne Tonopah Animal Hospital provided us with a comprehensive history of appointments, treatments, and shot records of each pet to keep on file for upcoming, out-of-state appointments.

We gained invaluable knowledge regarding animal care and appreciate the outstanding services and attention provided for our babies.  Thank you Dr. Wilson, Dr. Vanderlinden, and the entire staff! If we ever find ourselves crossing through the neon desert, we will certainly drop in for check-ups and recommend others do the same!

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