Recommended Animal Hospitals around the U.S.A. Boat Club Road Animal Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas

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Where can I get more information about this veterinary hospital?

Boat Club Road Animal Hospital
9635 Boat Club Road
Fort Worth, Texas  76179

Why makes this veterinary hospital so special to us?

An emergency led us to Boat Club Road Animal Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.  The stitches from our black cat’s recent surgery (read about our trip to Texas and Laya’s emergency surgery here) had come undone and we were afraid the exposed area would become infected. We had just started our new workcamping position with Amazon in Haslet and were staying at an RV park in Boyd for the duration of our employment, about 2 ½ months. We searched online for nearby animal hospitals and found one about thirty minutes away and open until 9 PM; enter Boat Club Road Animal Hospital.   

We kept Laya in a kennel while she healed. We replaced towels and litter a few times a day since her open wound would drain.
We kept Laya in a kennel while she healed. We replaced towels a few times a day since her open wound would drain and replaced the paper litter entirely to prevent infection.

Although it was just a few hours away from closing and we were brand new clients, the office staff made room on their schedule for an ailing cat.  As opposed to closing the wound, we were instructed by the veterinarian to wash the open wound twice a day with warm water, pat it dry with a clean towel, and apply ointment. An oral antibiotic (in liquid form) was administered via syringe daily, as well.  (Levi and I worked together to wash the wound and give meds; after a few weeks, we got the whole process down to about 5 minutes.) We brought Laya to the vet’s every couple of weeks to track her progress.  We continued the hydrotherapy coupled with antibiotics and topical medication in the form of gel and spray.  Altogether, Laya made a gradual recovery!

About a month later, we discovered lumps on Brewy’s belly and under her leg.  We mentioned this to the veterinarian who we had been seeing more frequently, Dr. Oesch.   Brewy’s teeth were in need of a cleaning also, so she suggested we get the dental work and cysts removed all in one fell swoop.  The bill was pricey, no doubt, but if we had opted to do each operation separately, it would have been obscenely overpriced.  Tests were conducted on one particular mass, but we were notified a week later that it was benign.  It was post-op surgery that we learned about what I refer to as the donut, a comfortable alternative to the cone.  We purchased a Kong brand for Brewy to wear while her wounds recovered.


Brewy is fashion-forward with her Kong Cloud E-Collar.

We became regulars at the hospital purchasing diet food for our cat, setting up wellness check-ups for the entire gang (annual shots), and reporting progress with Laya and Brewy.  The staff was always welcoming and knew us as the full time Rvers (with our caravan of fur babies). They were very gentle with our pets and helped us out with any questions and concerns. Our favorite vet tech had to be Ashley; she was very personable and related to many of our pet experiences since she was a multiple fur baby mommy, as well. Everyone was more than accommodating and we appreciated the time and service they provided for our dog and cats!

We consulted with Dr. Oesch for most of our visits.  She is a high energy, no nonsense woman! She knows her stuff and educated us on the predicaments of our pets, from Laya’s anal sac rupture and preventative measures to describing Brewy’s mass removals and teeth cleaning procedures.  We learned so much from this professional!  Dr. Oesch was kind enough to print out a description of Brewy’s mass removals and supplied us with her X-rays via disk.  We were also provided hard copies of annual shots and Laya’s rupture incident.

Boat Club Road Animal Hospital is located in a gorgeous portion of Fort Worth, bordering the southeast portion of Eagle Mountain Lake.  The hospital offers an array of services catering to pets ranging from newborns to seniors, domestic and exotic.  We utilized almost all of the hospital services advertised (i.e., vaccines, parasite control, behavior and diet counseling, wellness checks, dental care, pharmacy) save for the laser therapy and microchipping. Their facility extends beyond grooming to a pet resort for day and overnight visits.

This is yet another animal hospital that we highly recommend and will continue to frequent as our travels bring us closer to their corner of the trail. For more animal hospital recommendations around America, visit our Trail Guide.

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