RV Safety Tip – Check Your Nuts (Torque)

There are a number ways RVers can prepare for a  safe journey on the open road. One such safety measure involves securing your lug nuts with the right torque (or tightness) based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

This is a simple process that only really requires three tools:

    • a torque wrench

    • a socket to fit your nuts

  • possibly an extension so you can reach your lug nuts with the wrench

Why check the torque of your lug nuts? If they have become loose with driving, you could potentially damage your tire with a loose wheel or (worst case) your tire could fall off while driving. If your lug nuts are too tight, you run the risk of damaging the threads of the bolt or warping your rotors.

Below I explain how easy it is to use a torque wrench and how to find the information you need to torque your lug nuts.

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