RV Trip to Prather, California 2



We ate breakfast and weighed anchor to journey to my grandparents. Natalie took the first driving shift through the winding roads and maneuvered the RV eloquently. All things stayed in their place and nothing was broken. Of course Natalie handles the RV like it is a gentle flower, our home that must be cherished. I on the other hand, drive Starbuck like she’s an untamed beast that must be tamed and bent to my ravenous will and road rage. You can take a guess which one breaks less stuff.

No sooner did I take over the wheel, when we heard something hit the ground. Assuming it wasn’t important, we figured we would let it be. That’s when we heard what sounded like running water. We had a dehumidifier that was full of beads that had broken and was spilling tiny beads everywhere.

At that same moment I was pulling over to help Natalie with the issue our portable swamp cooler tipped over spilling water everywhere. Ironic that we spilled water and something to remove moisture at the same time. After a little swearing and vacuuming, we got a lot of the mess cleaned up. We are still finding beads.

We made it to my grandparents only to realize that I did not remember all of the low hanging oak trees that lined the road up to their house. We managed to dodge most of them and keep the AC intact. The spot was pretty level, though. After saying hello to all we headed up to the local Mexican restaurant Veloscos, one of the only three restaurants in town. After we had our fill of food we headed back to my grandparents to hang out until they went to bed. Which is about 7:30.

Natalie turned in for the night, but I went over to my friend Justin’s place to hang out with him and Ben. The evening was full of political argument, beer and laughter. I got back to the RV about 3AM.

The lesson of the day: I didn’t learn anything today. But I had a lot of fun.



We picked up Justin and went to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo today. The zoo was great! We fed giraffes, pet stingrays and had ice cream, you know, zoo stuff.

My aunt and grandparents made dinner, which was tasty and enjoyable. After dinner we had a pleasant night’s sleep.

The lesson of the day: Zoos are fun, but full of children. Family is nice to have dinner with.

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We awoke with the plan to visit Old Town Clovis with my friends Justin, Ben and his girlfriend Elsey. You can see the exact location as well as visit their site by going to our places to see map. Old Town Clovis is basically a giant antique shop. It seems that anytime someone opens a business they decide to add another antique shop.

Each antique shop had its own  charm and nostalgia. Walking around with my friends was fun. Good conversation was had and we ate at this really tasty place called The Parisian Cafe. Once again if you visit our places to see page you can find out more about that. In the afternoon we decided to go to Justin’s and have a barbeque. The menu was salmon, asparagus and left over rice pilaf. After dinner we watched a couple of movies and headed back to the RV.

The lesson of the day: Spending time with friends and barbecues with friends are great.



It was our last full day in California. We spent the day at my grandparents just hanging out. We took pictures with my grandparents and showed everyone the inside of the RV. I showed my grandmother how to use video chat with her phone and I had a couple of beers with my grandpa. Ben said his good bye from work and I drove over to Justin’s house in the evening to pick up some stuff that we forgot from the barbeque. Our plan is to be on the road by 7AM tomorrow.

The lesson of the day: Goodbyes suck… That isn’t a lesson I need to learn as I already know this, but I hate being reminded.




Our plan was to be out by 7AM, but we hit the road around 10:30. Even though we had a late start, we managed to drive all the way to Primm, Nevada which is about 30 miles outside of Vegas. We were going to stay the night there, but upon settling down, we looked at the black water, which we had been unable to dump and it was very full. I mean VERY full. Full enough that it was kind of stinky. Rather than enjoy the splendor of our own sewage all night we made the trek back to our spot at the Hitchin Post RV Park and went to sleep… After dumping the tanks, of course.


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