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We are traversing the roadways in our trusty vessel Starbuck once again. Our destination is

Don't try this at home.
Don’t try this at home.

ultimately Prather, California to see my grandparents and other family there, along with my friends Ben and Justin whom fall into the family category as well. First, we are going to make a stop at the Lakeridge Campground at Pine Flat Lake. My family and I used to go there when I was growing up.

Let the adventure begin!

I realized that after staying at an RV park for a couple of months, packing up is quite a chore. For the first time we tied the scooter to the back of the RV and crossed our fingers hoping it would stay there. Natalie took the helm for the first shift and we took off as the sun was setting.

Starbuck, Scooter, the Blueberry, and Levi
Starbuck, Scooter, the Blueberry, and Levi

We traveled a nice 200 miles and decided to stop on the side of the road where there was a large dirt area for trucks. Fortunately, it was quite level. We drifted off to sleep.

The lesson of the day: Packing up after a long stationary period is exhausting.


We awoke to the sound of the rooster crowing. The morning fire had already been lit and the smell of bacon and coffee tickled my nostrils…. Oh…. Wait… Wrong story…. We awoke in the middle of nowhere, which was quite nice. The night was pretty quiet and we got some sleep. The advantage of traveling in an RV is I can cook, shower and get ready without leaving the vehicle. After becoming fully awake, we weighed anchor, hoisted the sails, and started the 240 miles to our destination.

The hills are pretty in the spring!
The hills are pretty in the spring!

funny rv slopeWe arrived at Pine Flat Lake in the afternoon. The camp hosts at Lakeridge Campground were very nice, checked us in and gave us a very large spot under a shady oak tree. After dodging the branches and pulling the RV to the electrical hookups we noticed that the spot was not level. I’m sorry, I understated that last sentence. There were people in full mountain climbing gear waiting to take their shot at traversing this camp site. Because of the rolling hills, setup was a fun process of finding the a balance of level and sloping in the right spots so the leveling jacks didn’t flash “excessive slope” at us. The campsite was pretty, and we were tired, so to bed we went. You can read our full review of Lakeridge Campground HERE.

The lesson of the day: Try to get a semi level spot, or at least not on the side of a mountain.


We awoke at a decent hour and headed to the lake to try out our new inflatable boat. We were going to get a kayak, but we wanted something Brewy would be comfortable in. We drove down to the lake and set sail… Or set row… Whatever you call it. We got about 50 yards out when Brewy decided to abandon ship and swim all the way back to the shore. After recovering our man overboard situation, we paddled back out and enjoyed the day at the lake.

That night, my friend Justin invited us over for a soak in the hot tub as well as the use of the washer and dryer, which for us is like offering honey cakes and chocolate. Wine was drunk. Friends were seen. We went to bed.

The lesson of the day: If a friend invites you over, ask to use their washer.

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Our last day at Lakeridge was uneventful. Natalie read a book and I went on a walk to take pictures, unfortunately due to a computer fluke I lost those pictures. Therefore, I have no tangible evidence to report. We picked up our camp and prepared to leave in the morning for my grandparents.


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