Photography 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Hello Reader,

I originally started writing the Photography 101 series as a way to answer the often asked question, “How does my camera work?” As I was writing each post, it occurred to me that this series of posts would make a great book on photography for beginners. As full time RVers, my wife and I know that there is plenty of beauty to capture on the road. Knowing how to use all the settings on your camera makes capturing this beauty so much easier.

I had a decision to make. Would I pull the posts off our site and only offer the book, or would I offer both? I decided that since I offered the information free on the site first,  it would only be fair to keep that information on the site. By following the links to the posts below, you can still access the original posts for free. If you feel that the information and effort put forth is worth something, you can follow the link to purchase the eBook off of Amazon. It will work with the Kindle app on your computer, Kindle, or smart phone.

The eBook has been edited and formatted for ease of reading. I have also added some information that is not on the site, as a thank you. Purchasing the book allows you to have this information at your disposal, and best of all, it helps us continue to write and share. Regardless of how you read it, I hope Photography 101 is helpful to you.


Levi Henley





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