Sampling the Yum Yum Goodness of GoGo Gumbo in Boyd, Texas

During the months of October through December of 2015, Levi and I worked at Amazon as associates through the Camperforce Program (read about the work camping experience here). The actual Fulfillment Center was located in Haslet, Texas, but our home on wheels was parked  just a half hour away in a tiny town called Boyd.  

Boasting a population of a little over 1,200 people, Boyd runs alongside Highway 114, just northwest of  the thriving metropolis of Dallas/Fort Worth. In a small town like this, there is little in the way of popular locales; however, Boyd has a little gem of a restaurant that puts many eateries in big cities to shame.  Insert GoGo Gumbo, the big taste of Cajun and all things seafood in small town Texas.

We decided to eat at GoGo Gumbo on a day off (or rather night off since we worked what was comparable to a graveyard shift).  A few locals staying in the same RV park (Boyd RV Park) as us had suggested the place and we were hankering for some Louisiana cuisine. GoGo Gumbo did not disappoint in the least.

GoGo Gumbo is located on the main strip of Boyd, south side of Highway 114. This portion of the highway that runs through Boyd is known as Rock Island Avenue.  GoGo Gumbo is in a non-discrete brick building sandwiched between a gas station/pizza joint and another restaurant, Canteen. Canteen is actually a part of the GoGo Gumbo establishment but serves only lunch.  They advertise: lunch at Canteen and dinner at GoGo.  We did not have the chance to sample dishes at Canteen, but there are always future trips to north Texas to partake in such a venture.


The outside appearance of GoGo Gumbo does not do it justice.  Only inside can customers truly enjoy the ambiance that makes the restaurant so unique and special.   GoGo Gumbo’s down-home, laid-back, southern feel can’t be mistaken with the patchy cement floors and old diner furnishings.  The bold red and blue color scheme paired with a touch of sea decor compliment the menu, a bit of tradition with a bold, new age vibe.

inside gogo

The wait staff we interacted with were very efficient and knowledgeable.  From the moment we stepped inside. we were greeted and seated at a booth by the host.  A waiter took our drink orders and gave us a rundown of the daily specials.  He was able to answer all of our questions about menu options and food preparation.  He, like the rest of the staff, was very personable which made the experience more enjoyable.

It wasn’t easy choosing a dish.  Their menu has so many mouth-watering options, but we were very curious about their gumbo so we ended up ordering the Shrimp & Crab Gumbo and Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (the only two gumbo options on the menu).  The sauce alone was “Goldilocks-approved”: not too spicy and not at all bland; not watery and not too thick or pasty. It was just right, just the right marinating for the fish, meat, and veggies. Both gumbo dishes came with a side of seasoned rice.

Since Boyd is in a “dry county”, alcohol is not obtainable with any business.  GoGo Gumbo is no exception, but customers are invited to bring their own bottle of choice and they will supply the bottle opener and glasses. As one of my friend’s later commented, “BYOB restaurant. Great concept. That’s what always runs up the bill. Now you can indulge in more food! “ We did indulge, all the way to dessert.

Desserts are made from scratch and posted on a giant chalk board.  We gorged on the bread pudding and Jack Daniel’s chocolate mousse pie.  Everything tasted fresh from the oven! Just like the main entrees, the desserts were reasonably big portions. Definitely bring your stretchy pants if you plan to have more than just the main course meal.

If you find yourself around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, be sure to stop in for some GoGo Gumbo grub. You will not be disappointed.  The only disappointment we have is not sampling more food.  We will most certainly be coming back for more “just right” food and hospitality! For more insight on places to visit and experience in and around our nation, visit our “Must See Places” on our website.

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