Tales from the Trail: Travel Vlog 8/23/2016

A little over three weeks have come and gone since our first travel vlog.  Time sure does fly by when you are living the full time RVing life!

Much has happened since our last update:

  • We completed our first big DIY project, installing carpet in a portion of the RV.  Read more about it here!
  • We started a new project, a video series, entitled Natalie Learns How.  Our intention is to help travelers (especially those that depend on their partners) become more aware of basic RV functions and be able to troubleshoot basic RV issues.  Our first video in the series talks about how to fix a tripped breaker.  View it here.
  • Scuba diving has turned out to be our favorite past time here with Northern Michigan Dive Center (located in Cheboygen, MI).  We have ventured outside of the Cheboygen River and have completed a couple of dives in Lake Huron, a shore dive and night dive.
  • My sister and nephew came to visit so we played tour guide for a few days in Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island.  It is always good to see family and friends!!
  • Our car debacle was resolved.  Our little Yaris was hit by another vehicle while parked in the employee parking lot at work.  After insurance exchanges, locating a nearby repair shop and estimates, our side door was replaced!  The car looks great and the actual repair took a mere three days!  Thanks to our fellow co-workers for helping us get around while we were temporarily car-less and thank you Elmer’s Auto Body and Collision in Cheboygen for your swift, excellent service!
  • Our work camping experience here at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping is coming to a close. We try to get as much sightseeing in our spare time aside from running routine errands like grocery shopping, washing clothes at the  laundromat, or taking longer than desired trips out of town ( 2+ hours away) to stock up on prescriptions and specialty supplies. This happens when we are working in more remote areas of the country.  One thing that has helped us along the way, especially with prescriptions, is our CVS Pharmacy app.  With this app, we are able to locate the closest store, request specific dates and times for pick up and ensure they are ready before arrival.  It is simple to set up and notifications are set up via email or text message!

Feel free to leave a comment, as your feedback is always appreciated. If you would like to help keep us on the trail you can use our affiliate link to do your regular Amazon shopping here. Happy trails!

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