Use Less Water while Boondocking with Oxygenics® BodySpa Handheld Shower – Product Review

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We love conserving resources because it helps the planet. The more we save, the more others can use.  According to, clean safe water is a resource that only 1 in 10 people in the world have access to, so saving this resource is paramount to humans as well as other animal species around the world.

On a much smaller scale, we like conserving water because our grey tanks don’t fill up as fast which allows us to boondock longer. One of the greatest drains of our water supply was showers. When it came to showers while dry camping, we had two choices: go without or take a thirty second shower. What if there was a way, we thought, to take a relaxing several minute shower with decent pressure and use less water? Well, there is. We purchased an Oxygenics® BodySpa and we love it!

What is an Oxygenics® BodySpa?

The Oxygenics® BodySpa is a shower head that replaces your standard RV shower head. It boasts of a great stream even with low water pressure. It also claims great water savings. According to, the BodySpa has a max output of 2 gallons per minute if the water pressure is 80 psi. Their website provides a comparison graph that shows it uses 1.5 gallons per minute at 50 psi.

Our water pump only puts out 55 psi so our usage is in the 1.5 gallon range. Our old shower head has a max output of 2.5 gallons per minute and when I tested it by timing how long it took to fill a gallon of water, we were using about 2 gallons per minute. That is a 25% savings of water!

This may not sound like much to some, but when you factor in shower time, there is a big difference. Let’s take a 5 minute shower, for example, not a start and stop shower where you tuned the water off while you lathered up. Let’s say you stood under running water for 5 minutes straight.

Average shower head: 5 X 2 gpm = 10 gallons of water used

Oxygenics® BodySpa shower head: 5 X 1.5 gpm = 7.5 gallons of water used

Oxygenics® BodySpa saves two and a half milk jugs worth, fifteen glasses, of water! To think of it in other terms, the average hot water capacity of a RV is 6 gallons. Using our old shower head, we went through the hot water heater in about 3 minutes. Of course, the heater continues to heat the water while you shower so that might translate into a 5 to 8 minute shower, give or take. With the BodySpa, that time is extended to 4 minutes before the water heater removes all preheated water, and since the flow is lower, we have noticed that the heater can keep up a little better. It is typical to get ten to fifteen minutes of hot water when we’re plugged into city water and have a place to dump.

How does Oxygenics® BodySpa work?

The shower head has a chamber that forces water to spin like a turbine jet engine; this increases the velocity of the water, giving the feeling of great water pressure even when the pressure is low. The second part of the head acts as an aerator, adding air to the spinning water. This function increases the size of the water droplets, also adding to the high water pressure illusion. claims the larger water droplets help rinse off lather and dirt quicker, further decreasing water use.

Pros and Cons

We LOVE Oxygenics® BodySpa because it…

  • has great shower pressure, even with low water pressure.
  • uses less water than traditional shower heads.
  • elongates dry camping stays.
  • increases hot water usage.
  • helps save the planet!

Every product has its downfalls, including Oxygenics® BodySpa.  We could only come up with one, though.

  • 1.5 gallons of water can still fill up a grey tank quickly.  Decreasing the output of water even more would be a plus, all around.


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