Work Camper Review: Front Desk Staff at Duck Creek RV Park in Las Vegas, NV

This past summer (2017) was a bit out of the ordinary for us since we typically have one workamping job after the next lined up several months to a year in advance.  We opted to visit both sides of the family in the month of May after working another winter/spring stint as camp hosts in Wichita, Kansas.  Hear all about those adventures HERE.

Duck Creek RV Park front office-my workplace


How did I learn about the position at Duck Creek RV Park?

Levi had set up a summer job working in Las Vegas at Scuba Views as a scuba instructor from June to September. He worked here pre-full time RVing life.  Starting in April, I was occasionally checking my email for  Workamper News Hotline Ads.  Workamper News posts work ads on a weekday basis for those interested in picking up a last minute gig or future seasonal jobs.  It’s an online addition to the organization’s bi-monthly magazine which also advertises jobs all over the country.

Around the middle of  May, I spotted an ad from a RV park in the southeast corner of Las Vegas, Duck Creek RV Park.  They were searching for a  front desk attendant with experience in customer service, clerical work,  and reservations.  They preferred someone with experience with the campground software program, Campground Master. The position was very similar to others I’d held in  the past three years as a workamper.   The opportunity couldn’t have popped up at a better time!  The location and job qualifications were a perfect match, plus we had stayed at this RV park in the past and really liked the staff and amenities.

Levi did all kinds of tasks at Scuba Views. Aside from scuba instructor, he worked in the retail store and maintained gear.

What did the hiring process entail?

I emailed the hiring staff a day or two after seeing the ad and  sent a copy of my resume along with pictures of our motorhome and us (Levi and me).  I received a call from the assistant manager, Dave, within a day and  we talked on the phone for a good twenty or so minutes.  He told me about the park, it’s history, and a bit more information about what the position entailed.  I rattled on about my workamping history and experience as a camp host.  I talked about how my husband and I were residents of Las Vegas for over a decade and that we had stayed at their park beforehand.  I did a bit of browsing on the park’s website when I initially saw the work ad as I wanted to familiarize myself with the location and have a conversation about aspects of the park: amenities, check-in procedures, park capacity in the summer, and various jobs offered at their establishment.

Dave answered all of my questions including specific front desk tasks and hours worked vs.compensation.  I let him know that even though the position was a several month to long term commitment, I was only available June thru September as we made prior engagements with other companies.  I also said that since I would only be available for a short time, I would be more than willing to study up on office responsibilities and routine procedures before arriving to minimize training time.I could hit the ground running upon start date.  He let me know that he would take this into account and if chosen, I would be emailed the appropriate documentation to read through.

A day later,  I received a call from Dave.  I got the gig!  I also received a slew of paperwork to study.  I was a sponge and soaked it all up!

The park hosted a 4th of July luncheon and catered food from a local sub shop. The front desk is on the left and the park store is on the right.

What were my duties?

Over the years, Duck Creek RV Park has grown in popularity and many RVers have selected this park among others for a quick overnight stay or long term residence. Top notch service, ample amenities, and reasonable prices have brought customers back time and time again. In short, the park gets busy, especially around rent time, at the beginning of each month.  During this time, one long term tenant after the next comes to the front office to pay their site/electric bill.**

**The park has 207 sites; well over 50% includes monthly RVers in the summer.  This percentage increases significantly over the winter season as “snowbirds” flock to the warm climate.

Besides handling rent payments, the front desk attendant takes reservations over the phone, performs check-in and check-out procedures, sells items from the camp store and restocks as needed, sorts and distributes mail, addresses customer concerns and needs, and completes any in-office filing/paperwork.  I initially worked with another staff member during “rent week” and on the weekends, but after a couple of weeks, I was allowed to work solo, covering for a staff member if they had an appointment or vacation time.

I really got to know not only each staff member, but I also had ample opportunity to chit chat with the RV park residents, some who have called Duck Creek RV Park home for many years!  Everyone had an interesting story to share and many became like family!

Many of the sites are rather narrow. We kept cool in the blazing heat with plenty of insulation and two AC units.

What were the perks?


As a rule, Levi and I do not apply for workamping positions unless compensation covers living expenses.  In this case though Levi was working full time as a scuba instructor.  With my position at the RV park, I was able to carry a fraction of the financial burden.  I worked a set number of hours a month to cover the site and some electricity. Any hours worked over that amount were paid at $8.25 an hour.  Our combined jobs were just enough to get us through the hot, hot days of Vegas summer!

Park Amenities:

Another plus was the RV park amenities, especially with our transportation set-up.  We have one vehicle and Levi used it on an almost daily basis going back and forth to the scuba shop, community pools, and Lake Mead Recreation Area for classes.   I was stuck at the RV park most days, but I had access to all of the park amenities including laundry, convenient store, pool and spa.  The front office also had an air-conditioned lounge with giant TV and plenty of seating area.  I also rented quite a few DVDs from the park’s extensive library.

Location, Location, Location:

Duck Creek RV Park is situated on the southeast corner of Las Vegas on Boulder highway, right on the cusp of Henderson.  A five minute drive leads to tons of shopping and restaurant options, along with casinos and a water park.  Depending on traffic, a ride to the Las Strip and the Fremont Experience can take as little as 20 minutes.  Beyond the borders of Sin City are natural wonders like Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, and Hover Dam/Lake Mead Recreation Area.  We have family and friends that still reside here, so on days off we visited them, attended an outdoor concert, camped at Mount Charleston, and ate at one of the marinas at Lake Mead, besides frequenting casinos or eating at our favorite restaurants.  (F.Y.I.  If you find yourself in Vegas, try breakfast at Baby Stacks and lunch/dinner at Market Grille Cafe! Yum!)  We even participated in a Fourth of July 5K run!

We liked to go out of the city limits on our days off. This is at one of the marinas at Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Sense of community and support:  

Most of the staff lives on site and many of the tenants have called the park home for many years.  Duck Creek RV Park is a community of its own and everyone looks after one another. Many of the RVers frequented the office during the day for a cup of complementary coffee and a little chat. Some days tenants would gather for a card game.

If someone was out of town, away from their RV, you could bet someone else in the park was watching out for their buddy’s rig, watering their plants, or caring for their pets.  On certain holidays, the RV park hosts luncheons and caters food from nearby restaurants.  We attended their 4th of July gathering and met some of our neighbors while enjoying subs and dessert!

I was asked to stay for a longer stent.  It was very difficult for me to turn down the offer as I had grown attached to the staff and tenants but had made prior commitments with other companies afterwards.  At the end of the season, the owner of the park threw a staff party at a nearby bowling alley.  It was a total strike!


A little side story…

The first week in Las Vegas was very trying, to say the least.  Record temperatures of 119 degrees Fahrenheit hit Vegas and the AC unit in our RV died!  While we were transporting our dog and three cats to the scuba shop for temporary sanctuary (Thank you again for that Bill!), the AC in our car perished, as well!  Lucky, lucky, lucky for us, we have amazing friends that let us squat at their place and use their vehicle while we fixed everything.

The staff at Duck Creek RV Park was very understanding as well and told me not to worry about work until everything was resolved.  The RV’s unit was fixed in a matter of days with the help of our warranty and the car unit was eventually fixed with the help of another buddy!  We ended up purchasing a portable AC unit for the RV.  Along with the two units and a bit of insulation, we were able to keep the RV at a comfortable temperature for our pets and ourselves during the blazing summer. Once our air-conditioning issues were resolved, the remainder of the summer went smoothly.

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