You can never have too much Lube in your RV Maintenance Plan

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The Trouble with our Hydraulic Levelers

We first noticed that the levelers on our used 2011 Itasca motorhome were taking a long time to retract after our first long trip.  We had been owners for only a few months and ventured 1500 miles to south Texas for Christmas (read about those adventures here).  We figured the slow moving was due to cold temperatures.  Fast forward six more months when we were leaving a rest stop in the middle of Nevada, just outside of Tonopah.  Our levelers (upon raising them to commence “travel mode”) took a little over 30 minutes to completely rise. At that time, we thought the problem could have instead been malfunctioning springs.

The Power of Lube

It wasn’t until we rolled into a Johnnie Walker RV Supply Store in Las Vegas (which is where we coincidentally purchased the rig) and explained our dilemma to the staff that we discovered the power of lube.  On a whim, the staff suggested we use a lubing product to lucubrate the shaft on the levelers.   We purchased a bottle of Power Lube at their store and sprayed each leveler cylinder (after lowering them, of course).  It worked like a charm and our leveling system was back in business!  We make it a practice to always spray the levelers each time we get set to depart a site.  We have since started spraying the moving parts on our outside doorway stairs, as well.  It not only keeps the stairs moving adequately, but the power lube also repels dirt and moisture.  This helps parts from rusting.

Demonstrating the Lube


Levi’s policy regarding lubrication on RV parts is, “If you can move it, you should lube it.”
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